AX 2012 R2 – Where is the picking lines created ?

In R2 there are several steps and places that picking routes/Picking lines are created, depending if you have an order-based picking or consolidated picking.

The fundamental element for a picking route is output orders, that acts as the basis.

And Output orders are created through the class\WMSOrderCreate:


As soon as the WMSOrder is created, it can try to attach itself to a shipment (consolidated scenario)(Also WMSOrderCreate)


If you follow the trace in the wmsOrder.autoAddShipment() you will get to the code where the WMSOrderTrans is created.

WMSOrderTrans is created here


And here :


The final step is the creation of the WMSPickingRoute, that happens in the shipment reservation.  And inside this method you will also find the creation process for the picking route.


So the sequence and steps for creating a picking route is the following :

1. WMSOrder is created

2. WMSShipment is created

3. WMSOrderTrans is created

4. WMSPickingroute is created

Also remember that the structure of shipmentId, PickingrouteID’s is very loose entities, and is not strongly anchored to inventTrans. So it is possible to move wmsorderTrans transactions between pickingroute and shipments quite easily by using X++.


Happy DAX’ing

7 thoughts on “AX 2012 R2 – Where is the picking lines created ?

  1. Hi Kurt,

    I have a question regarding TRAX and WAX modules in AX 2012 R3.
    Can we use Transport management without new warehouse management module?

    Shweta K


    • It is depending if you use warehouse management processes or not. If not, then it happens just like in R2. In WAX, I have not checked yet.


      • Hello Kurt,
        I stumbled upon your post (I know it is a bit old) but was hoping you could either talk about or point me to a link that would explain how picking lines are created in 2012 R3 if I am using the warehouse management. Thanks.



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