The new Warehousing App

Microsoft have released the new warehouse APP, and the setup instructions can be followed here :

You can download the Windows App here:

The setup instructions are very good, and in 10 minutes you should be able to get the app working as expected in your windows 10 machine. The App also have a demo-mode that lets you try it out, without having to connect it to an environment.

Here are some pictures for you pleasure.

Thank you Markus J

11 thoughts on “The new Warehousing App

  1. Hi Kurt,
    Thanks for the screenshots, finally, a nice “* Inquiry” look πŸ™‚
    I wasn’t able to play around with a real D365 environment yet, however, did a brief (20 min) Mix review of the app based on Markus’ demo (uploaded it yesterday, just during the app release).


  2. Am I right that this app is β€œonly” a new, nicer front-end and the content is still provided from the existing X++ classes using XML files? I am asking because being able to adapt the warehouse processes is a crucial business requirement for us.


  3. Thanks for reading my blog πŸ™‚ Only Windows 10Β (all versions) and android is supported this time. I would be surprised if IOS was supported, as this very seldom would work in a warehouse environment because of wifi-power and battery constraints. Also making it work for R3 is also a logn shot currently. Take care πŸ™‚


  4. Can this app work with 2012 R3 or is it exclusive to 365? I thought the Android and iOS Warehouse apps supported R3 and even earlier versions.


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