All X++ source code for Dynamics AX R3 available

Rumors says that in the upcoming AX 2012 R3, the entire library of X++ code will be available for Partners and Customers. The Dynamics community embraces this approach and says that this makes it possible for new solutions and ideas to be built 100% integrated with the Dynamics AX platform. Microsoft have even make it possible for others to share, using the codeplex.

A business analyst describes what’s happing as:

“All too frequently, SMBs and enterprises deploy expensive closed ERP systems, not realizing that significant cost savings and flexibility can be realized through the use of openness of Dynamics AX. And coupled with a near-instant deployment using Azure will allow many more companies to realize the benefits of ERP-systems with an open and available source code.”, says Kurt Hatlevik, a Dynamics AX nerd.

Competitors has described this approach as a “cheap” way to build a DAX-community and ecosystem. They argue that their own approach for proprietary closed systems is the only way forward to maintain a high revenue stream and customer dependence.

This is not a April’s-fool, but a Aprils-fact J

Update: Dynamics AX has always had an open X++ source code.  This post was a April’s-joke.




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