Dear AX 2009 customers. You are not forgotten, and Microsoft have support options available until year 2021 J. I wanted to write a blogpost to show that there still happens a lot of local innovation at the customers that are relying on this version of DAX.

Often, when we talk about purchase orders and sales orders, we often refer to them as mirrors. On the transaction level Purchase and sales can be seen as mirror processes, with just the opposite sign. But in standard AX the processes to handle the supply chain can be quite different. The question was therefore if it was possible to also mirror the supply chain processes. Taking the ideas from arrival overview and mirroring it to a shipment overview.

For receiving many reply on the Arrival overview to group together expected receipts and to create arrival journals. The Arrival overview is actually a quite good tool when you learn to use it. For the more the more advanced outbound logistics shipments are used to handle the picking, staging and loading of the goods. A customer came up the suggestion to create a “shipment overview”, but based on the arrival overview. This way the warehouse operator can search across shipments, but also have some volumetric indication of the load that is being released to the warehouse floor.

The arrival overview differs from other screens, because it actually consists of temporary tables that is build based on a query. The same thing happens here. The shipments are loaded on the upper grid, while the picking lines is loaded on the lower grid. There are advanced queries to control the loading of the data. Since it is a temporary table, the fields like address, weights, pallet quantity is real fields on the temporary table. This means that after the result have been fetched, the user can perform additional search and filtering. Like sorting and filtering the shipments in a based on addresses, pallet quantity, weight etc. Also the ability to multi select shipments or lines to be able to move lines between shipments. The screen will mainly be used for inquiry and for activating shipments.

And in relation to performance.. It is acceptable J

DAX 2009 – Shipping overview, a mirror of arrival overview

3 thoughts on “DAX 2009 – Shipping overview, a mirror of arrival overview

  1. I mean release sales order picking is the mirror of the item arrival.
    It would be great to have more functionality with the shipments 🙂


    • Thanks for the feedback Carlos. I’m fully aware of the release salesorder picking, but this form is about overview and maintaining open shipments. That is the step after the “release salesorder picking”.

      Happy DAX’ing 🙂


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