AX RTW – Hack to enable configuration mode

When downloading the AX RTW local VM from connect, you often want to disable some configuration keys. (Like catch weight etc). But now you will see the following warning;

“This form is read-only unless the system is in the maintenance mode. Maintenance mode can be enabled in this environment by running maintenance job from LCS, or using Deployment.Setup tool locally”

This warning is to prevent that configurations are enables/disabled, and that the system is set in maintenance mode. There are 2 ways of dealing with this.

  1. The proper way; Use the Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe command; (Credits to Joris de Gruter)
    Run this from command line:

    \bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe –metadatadir –bindir –sqlserver . –sqldatabase axdbrain –sqluser –sqlpwd –setupmode maintenancemode –isinmaintenancemode true




    Here is an actual example J:\AosService\WebRoot\bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe –metadatadir J:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\ –bindir J:\AosService\WebRoot\bin –sqlserver . –sqldatabase AxDB –sqluser axdbadmin –sqlpwd ******* –setupmode maintenancemode –isinmaintenancemode true

    and then run the command with “false” at the end to turn if back off.

  2. The Hack way; Use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and edit the following record in the table dbo.SQLSystemvariables ; CONFIGURATIONMODE

After that, you can change configurations. But make sure you never
EVER do this in a production environment!

Hacking DAX’ing J

3 thoughts on “AX RTW – Hack to enable configuration mode

  1. Only a small thing, but an IISRESET is required before this change to be guaranteed, caching will stop this otherwise. Of course if you are deployed in the MS Cloud, none of this will work 🙂


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