New Dynamics AX and the Excel Add-on

When using the «Open in Excel»( Dynamics Office Add-in) feature in the New Dynamics AX RTW, you may have some trouble opening it in Excel.

Especially if you have a corporate login, like me. It then seams that the login failed.


Microsoft have upgraded the Dynamics Office Add-in, but on existing demo data (Contoso) may also need to be changed.

Then the connector seams to be working (At least for me)

Also take a look at

Happy DAX’ing

One thought on “New Dynamics AX and the Excel Add-on

  1. Hi. I had similar problem as you described but the fix you suggested did not work for me although I have an O365 work Account. I tried a number of things but in the end registered a MS support case. I got a quick response saying it is an Office issue. We have Office2016 but there is a fix in the Office Insider program that fixet this. If I uninstall all Office components and then download the latest version from Office site, Insider program, then it works.


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