WM&D have many options for picking. This document describes how you perform picking of items by using what is called the “packaging station”. This step is where the picked items are physically packed into boxes, pallets or other units used for shipments. In this picking process we do all warehouse processes for delivering stock kept items in just one step.

The process includes also making of the relevant information / documents for shipping the goods.

Order Processing

The picking list identifies items to be sent at the same time to the same destination. The picking list can be a consolidation of several sales orders, one sales order or a part of one sales order. The picking process is the same in all cases.

If wave picking is used a group of sales orders are grouped on one picking list to make the picking process more efficient.

For order picking there is only one order linked to each picking list.

Order picking

A sales order has been made and confirmed for delivery. Based on the reservation rules used, the Items on stock will be reserved either when the order is generated or when the picking list is generated. The picking route for sales orders is generated based on the delivery rules in the setup of AX2009.

WM&D can automatically release picking routes through the order processing, or manually release of Picking routes using in the menu <Inventory Management> – < Periodic> – “Release sales order picking”. In the pop-up selection screen fill in the relevant limitations you want to base your sales order selection of.

You will then enter the release sales order for picking screen as showed:

In this screen you select the sales order(-s) you want to deliver and push the – button.
Normally it is recommended to use the automatic order processing and the delivery rules to release pickingroute.

Reservation rules relevant for items on stock are not part of this document.

Printing paper based Picking lists

Enter the <Warehouse Management and Distribution> – Module and choose the menu “auto Print Picking Routes” in the section <Periodic>.

Mark the lines you don’t want to process (Push the button in front of the line and hold down <ctrl> if more than one).

Push the button to delete the lines from your selection.

Push the button and the picking lists will be printed.


In the <Warehouse Management and Distribution> module in the section <Common Forms> you select the menu “Packing Station”.

By using the “Packing Station” in WM&D the picking of items is done directly into the carrier that will be shipped to the customer.

The first step is to scan the picking list number. The picking list number can also be typed manually or selected in the drop down menu. When the picking list number has been entered all lines included on this picking list will appear in the packing station.

Notice that the items is divided into several lines. The reason for this is that it is picked from several different locations.

Select the shipment unit type / Cargo ID you pick the items to (“Enter/scan bar code” field). This is the carton or pallet that will be sent to the customer. This can also be selected by pushing the button.

Scanning of items:

In the system an item can be identified by a barcode. All unique units will be provided by a unique bar code. That means that a bar code will identify the dimensions of an item. In the barcode setup, the quantity is also set. If an item is stored in units with 5 items in each, the barcode on this unit should represent 5 pcs of an item. This is a setup made on the barcode setup. It is important that you follow the number of items picked when items are scanned.

After scanning an item, the Remaining quantity will be reduced by the number you picked.

If for some reason, it is not possible to scan a barcode, the registration has to be done in another way. This can be done by using the buttons “Pick one”, “Pick some” and “Pick all”:

Do the following:

Press to pick one item (or scan item). When using the Pick one button, the system will pick one item at the time. Separate items, not included in a pack can be counted.

Press If you want to pick more than one (you get a pop-up-window where you enter the amount of items you are picking.

Press to pick the complete quantity on the picking list.

Press If you want to cancel the registered picked quantity.

Pack in multiple boxes

If the entire shipment cannot fit into one shipping unit, additional packages must be created. To do this put in the type of the next carton, into the “Enter / scan barcode” field. When entering a package type, a dialog box asks if a new package should be created.

When saying yes to this a new package id will be created. When continuing packing, this new package id will be used. On the tab “All picked lines”, it is shown what package id each line was packed in. On each line the package id can be changed.

Complete packing

As the item lines are fully picked, they will not any longer be listed in the tab “Picking Lines”.

When your Picking is completed the “Complete”-button will be available. Press to finish your packing/picking.

The Complete stage of the packing station process will take the order 2 steps further in the packing and delivery process. The ordered items will go from being physical reserved to actually being issued from the location and into the status delivered. In this step “Pallet label” and “Packing List” will be printed.

When the order has been completed it is no longer possible to cancel the packing of a picking list.


“Pallet label” and “Packing List” will be printed when the “complete” button is pressed.


To identify packages, labels can be printed from the packing station. The label holds necessary information about sender and receiver. The label also held the information number of packages on a shipment and package number on of a specific package (for example package number 1 of 3).

Packing slip:

After completing the packing the packing slip can be printed. Packing slip will be shipped together with the goods to the customer. The packing slip list all items and packages on the shipment.

Pro forma invoice:

I some situation it is necessary to have a pro forma invoice shipped together with the goods. Particularly this can be crucial for shipments going across country boarders. It will then be used for custom clearance of the goods. The Pro form invoice is printed by push the Print Proforma invoice button.

Sales order Status

The order is now fully delivered and complete.

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