Sales menu

The PDA sales menu is created for doing express picking and for creating sales order journals.


Express Pick:
This program will pick sales order lines when picking routes are NOT used. The program expects that the sales order has already been created and are confirmed. The user then scans the item barcodes, and picks, until the sales order is finished.

Create Sales Order:
This program will create a sales journal, and add sales order lines.

Add Sales Lines:
This functionality of this program is similar to the create sales order, but the user can upfront select the sales order. The program can also add lines to ordinary sales orders.

Packing slip update:

The packing slip update will post a packing slip for the picked lines.

Express pick

The express pick form, expects that there already exists a created sales order, that is NOT a journal. Then the user can scan the items, and PICK the lines. When all lines are done, then the sales order can be packing slip updated.


Scan or fill in the sales number. The lookup will show all sales orders that has the sales status “backorder”, and will even be filtered on item barcode, if this already have been filled in.

If the sales order do not have any lines to pick, then the sales order will not be accepted.

The magnifier button will show “remaining lines” on the sales order. When all lines have been picked, then the list will not show any lines.

Bar code:
Accepts item barcodes or EAN128 codes.
Lookup is filtered to only show item barcodes that exists on the sales order. View details will open the released products form. The magnifier button will open the items details for this item/barcode.

The express pick do not support batch and serial numbers.

As soon as the quantity has been filled in, the quantity will be picked. The quantity field accepts EAN128. If a negative quantity is entered, then the picked quantity will be returned.

Packing slip:
The last step is to packing slip update the picked items. This option is only allowed if all lines have been picked. The packing slip will be printed according to the print management setup.

Create Sales Order

The create sales order program will create a sales order journal. The scenario for this program, is that a warehouse worker can go around in the warehouse, and create a sales order, by scanning the products. When done, the worker can return back to a normal AX client, and make the necessary adjustments on price delivery date etc, and send a confirmation to the customer.

The Create Sales order will not pick the goods !


Fill inn or select the customer. The lookup will not show customers that are blocked. When customer is filled in, the customer name will be visible on the name field.

Bar Code:
Accepts item barcodes or EAN128 codes. Lookup is not filtered. View details will open the released products form. The magnifier button will open the items details for this item/barcode. When “Bar code” is filled in, then the item name will be visible in the name field.

The create Sales Order can only be specified with warehouse and location. Other dimensions like pallet, batch and serial must be specified in the picking process, or on a full AX client.

The quantity field accepts EAN128.

If there already exists an open sales order journal, the sales line will be added. If not, then a new sales order journal will be created.

Add Sales Line

The Add sales line is actually the same PDA form as “Create Sales Order”. The difference is that instead of specifying a customer, the user selects an open sales order. Normal backorder sales orders can also be used.


The magnifier shows open lines related to the sales order. For the other fields, refer to the PDA form “Create Sales Order”.

Packing slip update

The PDA packing slip update will physically update of the sales order, and create a packing slip for the sales lines that have been picked.


Sales order:
Scan or enter the sales order number. The lookup is filtered to only show sales orders that have lines that are picked.

The sales name will be displayed in the Name field.

Document date:
If the lines was picked on another date then today, then the document date can be changed.

The packing slip printout will be printed using the print management feature in Dynamics AX 2012.

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