Create PDA – Kinder Surprise II (for sales and purchase)

In my previous post I wrote about compressing standard location, movement and counting into a single process in Dynamics AX 2012. Today I wanted to show that the my PDA solution also can save time in purchase and sales scenario’s. If there is one thing we all like so save, it is time. So to save time, some PDA features has been implemented to speed up processes, but still maintaining on hands accurately. So this post is about making life easier for those companies, that don’t need or want to have more advanced WMS capabilities and features.

1. Create a sales order, and pick it in the same operation.
This scenario is typically used in a retail scenario, where a store employee walks together with the customer, and creating sales order AND pick it while they are collecting the items. Then the last step is just to invoice the order. In this scenario, it means that the locations are updated in real-time.

2. Create a purchase order, and register it in the same operation.
This scenario is more common than you think. People is ordering goods, but they don’t create a purchase order. Not exactly best practice, but is surely happens. Here the receiver can build up and receive the goods in one single operation. Scan item barcode, specify location and quantity, and the purchase order is created, and placed into the warehouse.

In the solution there are off course the possibilities for other scenario’s, as can be seen in the Sales and Purchase menus.


Happy Daxing, and my next post will cover the new features for production on PDA. Here is a silent preview:


2 thoughts on “Create PDA – Kinder Surprise II (for sales and purchase)

  1. Hi Kurt,

    I have read your blogs on a remote-based wms application and find it a very interesting approach for smaller companies with relatively basic WMS requirements.

    Our organization typically deals with the smaller end of AX opportunities (smaller companies with aggressive expansion plans) where budgets are tighter but requirements are often not as onerous and more adaptable to existing system functionality. As such, in many of our distribution opportunities we looking for a basic, small-footprint, limited configuration WMS solution for AX. We have looked at the larger providers such as To-Increase and RF-Smart in our opportunities but have failed to gain traction there due to the large footprint and relative cost of these solutions to fulfill what in most cases are relatively simplistic requirements.

    Are you looking at eventually marketing this solution as a package, or potentially releasing the code under some other method? I would be very interested in looking into it in more detail if possible.

    Craig Simmons.


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