AX2012–Search and you shall find….

I wanted my customers to experience the search powers of Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft SQL, and decided to create a very small generic tool for finding items and products.

Suppose a user wishes to find an item, and it does not know its item number but knows few word of description and also has a small information about class, default supplier, location etc……

He can enter this info and at very next moment he would see the list displaying all the items having the various values similar to information he just entered and then he can select the required item out of it easily.

In standard AX 2012 the item lookup looks like this:


When installing the new item lookup (from my kitting solution), the lookup changes to this:


Since the lookup is attached to the itemId extended data types, this works everywhere you have items.

In the lookup form the user can fill inn filter criteria, like item name, colors, barcode, vendors/groups etc.  I can even use the product categories like this :


I see here in the top, that selecting category Accessories, and selected to only show those where I have on-hand, results in 27 records. 

If I then click on the tab “search results”, I see the items (With on-hand values)


And just to “show of” I have sorted the list with the Physical quantity descending Smilefjes, because it is a outer-joined database view.

All filters work “side-by-side” and together.  So I can ask for products like “Find a green phone we have on stock at warehouse 22”.

The way I do this, is to build up the query in the form, based on the selected filter criteria.


And then just execute the query in the form.  (There are off-cause much more to it, but we can take this in private sessions)

With this very small tool the searching for products will be much easier for our customers.  Remembering item numbers is so 90’s.

Happy Daxing

6 thoughts on “AX2012–Search and you shall find….

  1. Hi Kurt, at this moment I´m trying to dev an item filter solution and I found your blog. I think that your solution could be a good start point (I need to add item attributtes criteria). I try to fin dit on codeplex, but it seems that is not available at the moment. Is it possible to have it?
    Many thanks and regards


  2. Hi Mr.Kurt Hatlevik,

    this is really amazing doc which you have share.

    we are requesting you to provide the detail coding for the same so we can implement the same in our organization.
    as i am not technical so will require deep understanding for the same if you can help me.

    thanks & regards

    Skype ID:- hacker_ng


    • the solution is freely available on Just search for “codeplex kitting” in Google, and you will find it.


    • Hi William. Sharing code and solutions is something I would love to do, but in this case it is included in the IP-rights of my employeer. Sorry.


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