Changing the query for an existing CUE

In AX 2009 we could change the query behind a personalized CUE.  This seams to have been removed from AX 2012.


But we that can develop, still have a chance, using X++.

Run the following job script, and you will get the query up, so that you can change the query.


This will bring up the normal query form, where you can make your changes, and then press OK to save the new query in you Cue.



Take care and happy Daxing.

5 thoughts on “Changing the query for an existing CUE

  1. I now see in code that it was added to the form there. So I’m sorry for the confusion, it is not available in standard AX indeed.


  2. In standard AX 2012 R3 CU9, there are no edit possibilities on this form. I have also checked the source code. Maybe AX 2012 R2 have some features that R3 don’t ?


  3. Hello Kurt,

    It seems that queries of cues can be edited or removed in AX2012 via: Organization administration -> Setup -> Role center -> Edit cues.

    Kind regards, Jelle Verhage


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