The warehouse dream

I was mesmerized by this simple but cool Microsoft Surface demo at Convergence conference in Copenhagen 2009.  Lachlan Cash was kind enough to share the video here as a great example of how touch can transform visualization and manipulation of complex line-of-business information. 

From 2m 15s

The demo during Kirill Tatarinov’s keynote session shows top-down heat-map visualization of the bins in a warehouse.  The color-coding gives an immediate view into the status of the warehouse with blue showing cold (i.e. bins with low pick rates) and red showing hot (i.e. bins with high pick rates).  Multi-touch is fully supported on Surface allowing multiple warehouse staff to collaborate while manipulating the data to optimize the warehouse for fast picking.

Very nice vision.

2 thoughts on “The warehouse dream

  1. Kurt –

    Any idea if any of Microsoft’s clients have implemented that sort of “Surface” interface? With the touch-screen tablets it would be a killer way to manage inventory on a day-to-day basis without the investment to get the kiosk version of Surface.


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