10 thoughts on “Kitting for AX 2012 now available in Codeplex

  1. Hi Kurt, this Kitting solutions seems to be almost exactly what I am looking for.
    Do you know if it runs on AX 2012 R2 CU8?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Maurits. I would expect that is runs on CU8, but a small check is important. The current build on the Codeplex site is based on AX 2012 R3 CU9.


      • Thanks Kurt, I’ll give it a try importing parts of the XPO file.
        There was a build based on 2012R2CU6 as far as I see in Google searchresults.
        Do you know if that build still exists somewhere?
        Or maybe some other reader of this post kept it for reuse?


      • Hi Maurits,

        I look for the same build too πŸ™‚ for CU6
        Let me know please kf you find it!




  2. Kurt, a lovely solution but do you know if anyone has used kititems with project and projectinvoicing the existing solution does not work


    • Hi Mats. Sorry, but I don’t. But I expect that making it work for project would be a minor adjustment. I see that others have made changes to support project quotation and salesorder quotation.


  3. Thank’you for your solution that look very interesting.
    But the codeplex link is no longer working. Can I receive a copy of the solution or au updated link?


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