AX 2012 Consignor solution available on CodePlex

The tool can be downloaded at

There are some additional information that needs to be addressed. So here is my “What does the FAQ’s say” ?



What is the Consignor solution?

The Consignor integration tool made available for Dynamics AX is a multipurpose tool for creating, exporting and importing CSV-files, XML-files or Excel spreadsheets.

Is it a generic solution?

The tool should be regarded as a generic tool, but as the name suggest, it does have a ready to use integration to Consignor. CONSIGNOR is a system designed for easy and efficient printing of labels, to address and send goods which are to be handled and delivered by a range of carriers, for example Posten Norge, Bring, Schenker, Tollpost, DSV, DHL, Nor Lines, Ramberg, and many more who use EDI data. CONSIGNOR may also be used to print labels for carriers who are not set up to handle EDI data. For an updated list of EDI supported carriers, please see Consignors website

Who can use the tool?

The tool has been specifically created to enable end-users and business consultants to perform data export and import, without knowing how do develop in Dynamics AX and X++. Creating an export/import definition can be done in a few minutes.

Can this replace my other integration solutions?

No. This tool has a specific purpose to easily extract data from Dynamics AX. It is not built to replace or compete with any other integration solution.

How much does it cost?

Nothing it’s free at CodePlex. But if you can add more functionality to it, it is expected that you share with the community.

Is it fast?

No. It’s is not very fast. When exporting to Excel it is capable of a 15-20 lines per second. Exporting to XML or CSV is a bit faster.

Can it import data?

Yes it can import data from. But this is a alfa release, meaning that more testing is required. The logics for evaluating the import must in many cases be developed in separate classes to perform as needed.

How can I get help?

On CodePlex there are some documentation. But you can also add questions and report issues.

Is it difficult to install?

No. For now, the solution is exported as a XPO with a Zero footprint in AX. Later we will add it as a model. The current build is done with AX 2012 R2 CU7. Please remember to check the “issue list” before you install.

Can I have a demo?

Yes. Nice people can have a demo. Just ask meJ


Happy DAX’ing J

7 thoughts on “AX 2012 Consignor solution available on CodePlex

  1. Hi Kurt
    I’ve installed the Consignor modell in a AX2012 R2 – test solution. The installation in itself went ok but I keep getting an error massage when setteing up the Consignor Messagetype:

    Error executing code: ConsignorTypeProcessor_CMPDAShippingPall (object) has no valid runable code in method ‘new’.

    Stack trace


    Do you have any idea of what’s wrong? I’ve already turned the macro “ConsignorDCSEnabled” from true to false but no help.

    Kind regards Steinar


    • Hi Steinar. You may just delete or comment out the support classes where you have compile errors. Theese are just there to support additional add-ons like the To-Increase DCS/PDA solution. I will look into the class, and make sure the #ConsignorDCSEnabled Works better in the NeXT release.

      PS! After you have changed the #ConsignorDCSEnabled you need to compile all Consignor classes. Have you done this ?


      • Yes, I did compile

        Now I commented out the “buildValueDescriptionMaps”-Method and now I can generate files without any errors.

        Thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to explore all the Consignor-code can do



  2. Hi Kurt,
    Wonderful blog and nice of you sharing this tool! Just of interest; I have been using the import and export framework and the built in export tool in AX to some extent. I find these tool pretty “Heavy” for end-users and me as an consultant as well, would you say your tool is more “user-friendly” than those excisting for the same tasks?

    / Daniel


    • The consignor solution have been created for the purpose of empowering functional Consultants and end-user-customers. I wanted a very userfriendly import/export tool, that would allow to import/export of CSV, XML and Excel files. My customers and collegas are using this tool for all kinds of ad-hoc integrations. Since the tool also supports table relations, display and edit methods, means that the integration can be more easily be created. The Consignor integration also makes it possible to create pre-defined templates, that also fullfill the more Advanced users.

      But the Consingor integration tool has some drawbacks. It is not made for high volume, high performance integrations. In those cases I recommend to use a more “Heavy metal” integration tool.

      The biggest advantage is that the tool is free through codeplex, and the only expectation is that other users share their experience and ideas when using the Tools.

      Happy Daxing Danliel.


  3. Hi Kurt,

    I am able to import the project but all labels are missing. Error while importing reads “Serous error during import of label file CON”, “expected LABELILE but found LANGUAGES”,”ImportError at Token: LANGUAGES LineNo:12″.



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