Dynamics AX 2012: At your service!

Dynamics AX Service management can be used for service agreements and service subscriptions, handle service orders and customer inquiries, and to manage and analyze the delivery of services to customers. You can use service agreements to define the resources that are used in a typical service visit. You can also use service agreements to view how those resources are invoiced to the customer. A service agreement can also include a service level agreement that specifies standard response times, and offers tools to record the actual time.

What I wanted was to see how much we could simplify the registration of needed repair materials and service hours.

The Dynamics AX service orders is tightly integrated to the project module, and sometimes our customers react that they feel the registration of materials in a warehouse scenario is a bit confusing. The reason for this, is that there are two ways of registering used items on a service order.

  1. You can key in the material in the service order (As you can see in the picture above), and then post it. Then the items will be SOLD from the specified location using a project item journal. There are now way to implement proper warehouse processes in this scenario.
  2. You can create item requirements, that essential is a sales order line, and so support warehouse processes. The drawback, it that the lines posted in the item requirement isn’t visible on the service order screen.

So I decided to create a very easy to use Data Collection Studio application, that allows a more simpler en easy to use approach, and that it closed to the expected process flow.

In this service order I need some items that is not on the list, so I scan item 100, and I need 2 pcs

On the service order, the new line is added, but is marked as “posted” :

But this is “just-for-show” to create a better visibility for the service operator.

The real transaction is located on the item requirements:

The next stage is packingslip update or invoicing.

By this added functionality it means that we have a very simplified way for allowing service personnel into the warehouse, and still maintaining 100% inventory accuracy.

I end this blogpost with a picture from WMD warehouse:

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