New DAX 2012 R3 CU8 Global Retail codeplex solution available

Hi friends.

I’m happy to announce the first release of a new free codeplex solution; Global Retail.

The solution covers:

  1. Global Product price templates – The ability to assign a price template to a product, that will quickly enable retail prices available in different countries and currencies.
  2. Global Product pricing – The ability to set recommended retail prices directly on products. Global prices are posted in price journals to price agreements in all legal entities.
  3. Global Product barcodes – Assign and maintain product barcodes, and it will automatically synchronize to all legal entities.
  4. Simplified Product translations and simplified local pricing screen. Multi dimensional retail hierarchies for filtering, search and availability. Full price log and the use of case management for price change processes.
  5. Simplified file import and export of products, retail hierarchies, barcodes, prices, translations, availability, counting journals. (Excel, csv, xml)

Take a look here > https://ax2012globalretail.codeplex.com/ (more documentation will come later)

PS! This is the real-deal !

I appreciate that I can be a part of this worldwide blog community—as a consultant working from Norway, the blog lets me share more than 20 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Along the way, I participated in developing retail, PDA/RF, barcoding, master data, kitting and WMS-solutions for Dynamics. My blog focuses on my deepest interests and expertise: along with a 360 degree view of digital transformation topics, I welcome opportunities to dive into retail and intercompany supply chain automation, logistics, and production—everything that is moving around in a truly connected enterprise. As Enterprise Architect on Dynamics 365, I specialize in strategic development and planning for corporate vertical solutions and works to build international networks that increase knowledge and understanding for Dynamics 365. As an advocate for both providers and customers, I'm committed to ensure that customers constantly changing needs are meet, and I see community as key for increasing expertise. I welcome you to connect with me.

9 comments on “New DAX 2012 R3 CU8 Global Retail codeplex solution available

  1. Ho Kurt. We’ve installed your add-on and had a look. Some of the functions look interesting, but I also found few bugs.

    1) Do you have any plans to upgrade it to AX 2012 R3 CU9 or later?
    2) If you are interested in hearing a more detailed feedback and potentially improving this add-on together (I’m not sure though how much resources my company is willing to dedicate), feel free to get in touch directly via email.



    • Hi Waldemar. Thanks, but the idea of codeplex is that the solution is now the Dynamics ecosystems property. So currently I don’t have any plans to upgrade it to any newer releases. I also see a dramatic switch in the marked towards AX7, so if a new release should be created I expect a AX7 release would be the next step, if a customer is asking(and paying) me to do it. The way I have financed my codeplex solutions, is to go to customers, and saying that we can use what we find in codeplex, but that there is an expectation to share good ideas and improvements that the customer is financing on top of the solution. I would not recommend any partner to start doing heavy investments on a codeplex solution, because you will probably not get a return on that investment, since the IP/Solution have to be given for free to the customer. So your revenue potential is only related to installation, bugfix, improvements etc that is all services that the customer should be paying for.

      Take care, and let’s have a beer next time we meet 🙂


      • Hi Kurt. Thanks for commenting. At the moment I work for an end-user, not partner, so if we invest in improving the solution, it would be to directly benefit our users. And of course I would give back to the community and update it on Codeplex.
        Anyway, currently it looks like our users would only use a small subset of functions, so we are not investing any time to upgrade it to CU9 ourselves / fix bugs etc. If the situation changes, we will reconsider it.

        Sure, would be happy to have a beer! I’ve never been to Norway actually 😉 or see you at a conference or something.


  2. Hi Kurt,

    Sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing the code.
    Is it something your company or some other companies use?
    Anyway, I’ll try to play around with it and give you feedback.


    • Hi

      I’m working at a Dynamics partner, and are using codeplex to share the created solutions. This solution is being used at several customers, and was one of the successfactors for being able to go live after only 8 weeks of implementation. The ability to have central prices, and the ability to importand fully utilize retail hierarchies was the successfactor.

      You are free to use the solution,and also contribute to extend it. If you need our help or services, you are welcome to contact me.

      Take care, and happy DAX’ing.



  3. Hi, Thanx for this post.
    We just effcuter the CU8 update. What is the best method to import your project, test this solution?


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