New AX (aka ’7’), limited navigation and the WHSWorkExecute

When opening the new Dynamics AX client, you see that we have a nice set of navigation menus and options in the top of the screen.

But if you would like to limit the navigation options for the user, try to add the “&limitednav=true” to the URL.

As you see, the menu-bar is then changed, and the user cannot see the menu buttons, search and settings any more. We have a limited navigation.

Let’s further extend this ability by also adding the “&mi=action:WHSWorkExecute. For those that have not heard what WHSWorkExecute is, it is the form used for simulating a Warehouse Mobile Device. The form existed in AX 2012, and it also exists in AX 7.

In the AX ‘7’ preview demo environment try the URL:

You then have a quite nice RF device without the navigation options. Simple can often be the best J

Happy DAX’ing

3 thoughts on “New AX (aka ’7’), limited navigation and the WHSWorkExecute

  1. Hi Kurt,
    When you navigate to WHSWorkExecute, when a non-admin does this, an error shows up: ”
    You are unable to navigate directly to this menu item whsworkexecute”.
    I am assuming this only works for administrators on this particular menu item, since it’s building a form on the fly, based on setup?


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