My first located error in Ax 4.0

It’s isn’t my intension to talk negative about the new Ax 4.0 version, but I will use the blog to find and document bugs in Ax 4.0.   Later I will send in a Service Request to Microsoft, so that all can benefit to improved software quality.
Here is my first bug :
A new nive feature in Ax 4.0 is the price simulation in sales and project.  The tool aid sales personel in calculating and saving various scenarios for sales orders.  but if you choose to the the new contribution ration to 100, you will get a dived by Zero error, as follows :
Error executing code: Division by zero.
Stack trace
(C)\Forms\SalesQuotationPriceSimulation\Data Sources\SalesQuotationPriceSimTable\Fields\ContributionRatio\Methods\modified
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\task – line 20
I expect that it’s an easy thing to correct in future versions.

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