Dynamics AX Enterprice and cross-company queries

One of the things I’m missing in the Dynamics Ax, is the ability to do advanced cross-company queries. Many of my customers are international and they like to do reporting across companies. I was at the convergence 2007, and had the chance to talk to some of the developers regarding this. They are currently developing a "Site"-possibility in the inventory dimensions, but this is not the same. My suggestion is to extend the "Common-Table" with a new field called "Site", and then you actually could have different datasets per site. You could then enable to have different parameters on items, prices etc per site. I suggested this to Microsoft, but the change was too big to be supported in the current upgrade schema. The other thing, that would be useful, is a cross-company/site query. To extend the query object to fetch data from several companies simultaneous. A lot of modification have been made to do this, and to implement this in the core would really help.



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