Evaluation of the new Rapid Configuration Tool

I have been using the RCT tool for Axapta 3.0, and it was not the time to look at the RCTY tool for Dynamics Ax 4.0.  That was a disepointment. Much has been removed from the tool.  To remove the checklist and the helpfile was a bad decision.  The checklist’s is very user-friendly and give a much easier overview of the progress.  Keep also in mind that not all will be using MS Project, or have it installed.  I know about the hard work in coding the checklists, but my guess is that without it, the use of the tool will be marginalized.  Trust me.  The concept of having a nice graphical view of the implementation is important.  My belief is that this tool will not be used without it, because the concept of a checklist gives an impression of a best practice way of implementing Dynamic AX.  The tool was also used, and nice to have in the background to follow the progress of an implementation.  People also returned to the checklists to double check the setup date, and to get access to video, powerpoint presentations and documents. 


Our clients said “WOW!” when they understood and saw the easy visual GUI of the RCT.  Now we only have the boring normal presentation with tree’s, grids, tabs and buttons.


I’m also missing the nice help file that was included and integrated into the RCT of Axapta 3.0.

I feel that the RCT in Ax 4.0 is only a shadow of the solution that was available in Ax 3.0.  Please include a decent Helpfile and a checklist.


Take a look at the following screens, and tell me which is the most user-friendly :

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