Sorting on the “Release sales order picking”

It seams that the sorting and filtering of the "release salesorder picking" doesn’t work.
Thats to sad, because often you want to filter and sort based on date/salesordernumber or customer.
When you now are trying to sort, nothing happens.  I think the reason for this is that there is a innerjoin between the salesline table an a temperary table.
I’ll digg into it an check if it’s easy to change.
Actually the sorting query are set when you open the window, and it cannot de resetted, before you go out and inn again.  I had great expectations to the new functionallity, but I see now that it’s too shallow.  More advanced companies can have 20.000 + different items, and more then 20.000 open orders.  Then it’s impossible to do a manual item allocation.  Even the form will be extreemly slow, because it will take very long time to traverse though the 20.000 orders, and placing them in the temporary table.  This means that it’s still need to create a lot of addons regarding the advanced distribution and picking. 
I also see that this form actually are working orderline by orderline, but often a customer primary wants to see the allocation order by order.  When a orderline is physical reserved on another warehouse then the need for allocation should be cleared.  
Often there is a need to create some kind of "Wave"-solution, where you also take into account the movement of items from a warehouse/location to another.  Often the picking area is to small to handle items for all the orders, so there is a need to create a limit.  Tehrefor often the customer desides for that they should be able to deliver 3000 orders the next day, and the system should create transfer orders to supply the right items.  It is important to remember that you need to more the right items, or you will get a large backlog of orders waiting for only a few items.
I personally would like to add a lot more functionality here.

One thought on “Sorting on the “Release sales order picking”

  1. Lately I have heavily customized this form for our company business which allocation at batch level for date code. And We have rule, full ship at sales line with a new check box. So I knew this sales release picking form is running horribly slow. Do you have any chance to improve this performance and speed it up? As you know, the reason is because of table joined with a temp table, and try to fill records into this temp table…


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