Warehouse Management and Distribution for Dynamics AX 2009

Finally, the product is being announced publicly. At the convergence 2008 in Copenhagen. If you visit the Columbus and the To-Increase Booth you can have a live demo and a try of the new WMS product. The last months I have done many demo’s and the feedback is very good. We have also used the last months to quality check, test and prepare the product for general availability. The first customer will be going live on the product on the 2/1/2009. We are aiming for a slow start of new customer, and will not accept more than 5-10 customers in the first phase of the rollout. This to ensure that we have the time to give god partner- and customer training, and to further improve product quality.

Here is a quick overview of the functionality:

More professional factsheets are on the way, but I can give you some sneak preview of the texts:

Warehouse Management and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Maximize operational efficiencies, reduce labor costs, and drive proactive logistics planning for warehouse and distribution processes.

To-Increase Warehouse Management and Distribution automates the materials handling process for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers. By integrating advanced radio-frequency (RF) and bar-coding technologies with core warehouse automation, Warehouse Management and Distribution streamlines order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, and shipping. Your organization can move forward to enhance customer satisfaction with faster turnaround times and precise order fulfillment.

Increase productivity from the start. Deliver a solution that people can learn and use in minutes, on multiple devices. Designed to minimize training time and costs, Warehouse Management and Distribution offers simplified user screens that give your staff the precise information and tools they need to perform tasks quickly and accurately.

Improve efficiency and accuracy to reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction. Automated processes, real-time information flows, and graphical planning tools ensure fast, error-free inventory tracking, picking and packing processes, and order fulfillment. Integrated warehouse robotics and conveyor systems help minimize labor costs and drive faster turnaround time, while still ensuring that goods are delivered to the right location.

Drive speed and quality control across your entire supply chain. Warehouse Management and Distribution offers direct integration with inbound and outbound freight provider systems. You can quickly send purchase orders electronically to both vendors and freight forwarders, receive advanced shipping notices (ASN) from vendors and freight forwarders, and trace all outbound packages in real time. Automated alerts ensure that the right people within your supply chain know when issues arise. Equipped with access to complete, real-time information, your staff, your vendors, and your partners can quickly resolve issues and keep processes running smoothly.

Accelerate performance now and accommodate future growth. Warehouse Management and Distribution is designed for today’s fast, high-volume transaction environments. The solution builds on robust, integrated Microsoft Dynamics® AX capabilities to deliver an end-to-end warehouse management solution.

Seamlessly connect warehouse operations

By taking advantage of RF-based barcoding technologies and seamless integration with order management, Warehouse Management and Distribution tightly orchestrates picking and packing within your warehouse, maximizes staff productivity, and facilitates quick order fulfillment.

  • Support efficient process management for a range of picking styles, including wave, batch, simultaneous, or sequential zone.
  • Give operators the agility to execute picking and packing tasks using only touch screens and barcode scanners.
  • Increase order accuracy and eliminate errors related to paper-based procedures. All picking lists can be picked directly from PDA or forklift screens.
  • Fill multiple orders simultaneously and track inventory in real-time. Minimize your picking area and use wave planning to move only items that are needed to complete an order.
  • Gain a complete view of all warehouse activities through the role-based Warehouse Supervisor screen.

Simplify and streamline receiving and shipping

Rich capabilities for shipping, receiving, and put-away processes ensure efficient transfer and movement of goods—whether they’re inbound, in transit, going from your receiving dock to the warehouse, or outbound.

  • Speed up receiving processes with barcode scanning of cartons and automatic volume and weight registrations.
  • Create Gantt charts that offer accurate overviews, schedules, and critical details for planning and receiving processes.
  • Cross-dock goods directly to outbound docks.
  • Produce shipping labels, packing slips, carton content labels, and advanced shipping notices on demand, eliminating transcription errors from customer orders.
  • Maintain complete status records, including images, to monitor quality control issues. Automated, real-time updates to sales and purchase orders ensure information flows seamlessly across the supply chain.


Vendor and freight integration

  • Ensure tight integration with inbound and outbound freight providers.
  • Send purchase orders electronically to both vendors and freight forwarders.
  • Receive advanced shipping notices (ASN) from vendors and freight forwarders.
  • Trace all outbound packages in real time via your freight forwarders’ systems.

External logistics and yard management

  • Easily create order routings for inbound goods.
  • Track all inbound containers and trucks.
  • Align planning for the receiving sequence with actual requirements.
  • Create Gantt schedules for inbound ports.
  • Easily track "customs clear" dates.

Receiving execution

  • Receive complete ANS, containers, and purchase orders/lines.
  • Automate the receiving process using barcodes.
  • Create license plates for every carton.
  • Plan the put-away process.
  • Enable internal and external cross docking.
  • Streamline receiving with Express Receive functionality.

Reverse logistics

  • Simplify customer returns with wizard-driven processes.
  • Create Returns Management Authorizations (RMAs) and business rules for returned goods.

Quality control

  • Maintain status records for quality-control issues, including images.
  • Include your vendors and business partners in the quality chain.
  • Send e-mail alerts to employees, vendors, or partners when quality issues arise.

Vendor statistics

  • Measure vendor delivery performance.
  • Use vendor statistics in negotiation processes.
  • Establish best practices for standardizing packing materials.

Delivery execution

  • Keep order management informed with automatic updates to sales and purchase orders, and provide graphical views of Available to Promise (ATP).
  • Use store/transfer orders to ship goods to stores.
  • Automate the reservation process.
  • Improve efficiency for packing processes by using packing stations.
  • Maintain performance statistics for picking processes.
  • Simplify shipping procedures with easy-to-use screens and functions.

Movement execution

  • Separate buffer and picking locations.
  • Use wave planning to refill picking locations.
  • Release fulfillment orders according to plan.
  • Access real-time picking lists from PDA and forklift screens.
  • Create seasonal/campaign location plans for optimizing the picking process.

Warehouse Management and Distribution engine

  • Optimize inventory allocation with intelligent soft and hard reservation functionality.
  • Real-time cost calculation eliminates time-consuming inventory closing.
  • Scale to manage high-volume transaction environments.
  • Quickly reconcile inventory values with financials to optimize inventory analysis.

License plate tracing

  • Enable warehouse workers to focus on cartons, pallets, and barcodes rather than item, sizes, and quantity.
  • Uniquely identify every carton.

Serialized inventory

  • Improve accuracy by serializing valuable items.


  • Speed transaction processes with barcode scanners and touch-sensitive screens.
  • Items scanned using barcodes are automatically recorded in the ERP system, increasing accuracy and minimizing manual effort.

Easy label designer

  • Design and print your own labels with support for more than 2000 barcode printers.
  • Archive labels for reprinting.

Telnet and WinPDA for handheld operations

  • Support more than 50 warehouse processes using handheld devices.
  • Create additional PDA programs with an easy-to-use design tool.
  • Streamline resource allocation with automated release of work tasks.

Customizable e-mail delivery confirmations

  • Send automated delivery confirmations to customers.
  • Create standardized e-mail templates with an easy-to-use design tool.

Delivery rules

  • Create your own delivery rules for part delivery, minimum order values, and automatic cancellation of sales orders.
  • Automatically print/release your picking lists.

Automatic BOM explosion

  • Combine items into cartons that contain a mix of sizes and colors.

Conveyor integration

  • Move goods to the right destination using conveyor systems.
  • Support multiple conveyor systems with a single integration.

Transit locations

  • Easily monitor physical storage of goods.
  • Sell goods in transit, while still maintaining accurate inventory records.
  • Maintain inventory values for in-transit goods in financial records.

Microsoft BizTalk Server®

  • Standardize and centralize data and system integrations.
  • Map data across a wide range of message formats using file conversion capabilities.


  • Use Telnet devices to receive, transfer, count, pick, and ship items.


  • Connect Warehouse Management and Distribution with Retail Chain Manager capabilities.


  • Create workflows tailored to your specific needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Center

  • Work within the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Center to report KPIs, statistics, and performance.

7 thoughts on “Warehouse Management and Distribution for Dynamics AX 2009

  1. Telnet and WinPDA for handheld operations – Do you know any of the shelf applications that can be used for handhelds with these technologies (telnet)? Currently we tried using Dynamics Anywhere but it is very slow…..


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  3. Hi Kurt Hatlevik,
    Excellent article, Is it possible to print 2 Dimension Bar code in AX (labels & report).
    This save lot of space in labels and reports. please help me if this is possible in AX.



    • I know that the BarTender application can print 2D barcodes, but I have not seen this on AX reports.
      So use SeaGull BarTender as your main tool for printing labels and one-side reports. Then you will experience the flexibility and the precition.

      Happy Daxing


  4. We have a powerfull integration to BarTender(and other Barcode software packages), that allows us to design and print using the BarTender. Then printing barcodes and RFID tags is easy.


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