Warehouse Management is getting momentum

Time is going forward, and so is also the warehouse management solution.  We are currently 6 team members that are constantly extending the solution.

In many different industries the role of warehousing parts and items and the logistics around this process are a core business process. This means that the requirements can be very specific in order to keep the business lean and low cost. In order to support companies that depend heavily on warehouse management and distribution processes, To-Increase has developed and delivered an Industry Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009.  The vision for this relatively new Industry Solution is to provide modern functionality to serve as a best of breed solution.

To-Increase Warehouse Management and Distribution builds on robust Microsoft Dynamics® AX functionality to automate the materials handling process for retailers, manufacturers, Distributors, and third-party logistics providers. By integrating advanced radio-frequency (RF) and bar-coding technologies with core warehouse automation, Warehouse Management and Distribution streamlines order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, and shipping. Your organization can move forward to enhance customer satisfaction with faster turnaround times and precise order fulfillment.


Warehouse Management and Distribution  solution will further verticalize into five distinct verticals in order to provide even better coverage of business requirements.

* Apparel & Footware

* Industrial & Wholesale

* Consumer Goods

* Retail

* Food & Beverage


At the present moment the WMS and Distribution solution already offers rich functionality in order to automate warehouse processes using integration to wireless devices and forklift mounted terminals.  The main focus of the solution is warehouse automation by means of an integration framework for barcode and PDA devices and conveyor belts and rich functionality for the typical processes in this industry.


The direction we are now going is is to further extend the solution with the following features :

* External logistics/external Cross docking, Transport planning and Freight rate shopping

* Batch and Zone picking enhancements

* 3pl and bounded warehouse

* .Net based handheld devices (Not ot dynamics mobile framework, but Ajax)

* Volumetric case/carton picking

* Voice pick and Pick carrousels

* Bom-picking, VAS, Kitting and Pack-to-order


For more information, visit www.to-increase.com


Best regards


Kurt Hatlevik

* Decision data recording and transaction archive


4 thoughts on “Warehouse Management is getting momentum

  1. hi. great blog!! we are looking for a dynamics add on that will handle put-to-light requirements in dynamics AX 2009 for the retail industry. do you know of any?


    • Hi. As you probably know, there are no standard features in AX 2009 to support put-to-light, so a customization is needed. For those who whould like to know “put-to-light”, I have added a small description:
      The Put to Light process is pick to light in reverse. In Pick to Light,each SKU has its own location. This means that when the order is moved into the pickers zone, each location needed for that order will illuminate, the picker will then pick the items in that zone from those locations, extinguish the lights, and pass the order to the next zone. In contrast, items for the orders in Put to Light are usually batch picked in the warehouse and brought the Put to Light system. The picker will scan an item and all the locations that need that item will illuminate. The picker will put the item to each location and extinguish the light. As soon as the order has filled, the location will illuminate and display the word “done”. This order is now fulfilled and can be removed from the location and is ready for shipment.

      Why Use Put to Light
      Put to Light systems are SKU independent. If a company has a lot of SKU’s, a location is not necessary for each SKU.
      Put to Light applications are usually at a lower cost than Pick to Light because not as many locations are needed.
      Put to Light is frequently used in retail type applications because the number of orders are usually consistant on a day to day basis


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