Meetings: Every minute counts, and snooze to 1 minute before meeting starts

As a consultant I’m used to having a lot of “back-to-back” meetings, and when the next meeting is near, I typically get an outlook reminder 15 minutes prior to the meeting.

Then using the “Snooze” button is good. If I snooze until 5 minutes before I am too early. 0 minutes before and I am too late. You know that in the drop-down, the minimum selection is 5 minutes? That is too much for me. I would like to have a new reminder when it is 1 minute before the meeting start. But did you also know that you can type into the field? You can actually write “1 minute”, and this will then remind you when it is 1 minute to the meeting start.

A smaller more advanced way is to set the default reminder to 16 minutes, prior to the meeting

And then when the reminder “pop’s” up, to can select to “Snooze” and select to be reminded in 15 minutes. That is exactly 1 minute before the meeting starts.

Now I have just “earned” 4 more minutes where I can create D365 customer value before the meetings starts

8 thoughts on “Meetings: Every minute counts, and snooze to 1 minute before meeting starts

  1. It’s a lot easier for me to simply type “1m” on the Snooze combo field or whatever time I need the reminder to be popped up before meeting starts. You can also use “1min” or “1 minute” syntax but, of course, the quickest one is “Xm” (being X the amount of minutes before the alert pops up). You can also do this with hours (“Xh”) and days (“Xd”)… not sure if you can mix them, though. If someone can give it a try and let us know the outcome, that would be great!… πŸ˜πŸ‘


      The “Xm/h/d” time on the Snooze combo box will be the time Outlook will wait before displaying the pop-up alert for the same reminder, not the “time before the alert pops up”, as I mistakenly wrote. My apologies about that!


  2. Thank you very much. I had an Auto-it Script with hotstring to fill in that “1 Minute”, which I found too long to type. Now I’m absolutely happy with this solution.


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