D365 Hidden Sales order gem; copy from item list

A small but highly productive tip is the feature of “Item list”. It has been available for years but have not gotten the deserved attention. The feature does not even have a docs page.

With this feature it makes it much easier to create sales order, by copying the lines from an ‘item list’. The lists can be generic, or specific to a customer. If you have customers that is ordering the same over, and over again, then why not create an ‘item list’ or even better; have the system to automatically generate item lists for you. You can setup that when creating a sales order, the system automatically pop’s up a screen where you select the product and specify the quantities. You can also create lists that also behaves like a simplified “kitting” selection of products.

You will find the setup under ‘sales and marketing’.

And in the Accounts receivable you can set up that when creating a new sales order, then please prompt for the item list;

When I then create a salesorder:

The next thing that instantly pop’s up it the item list, where I select or even changes the quantity

I can even reach the item list from the sales order line

Give it a try; It is fast, easy and can save you hours when creating orders for your regular customers.

I hope Microsoft can create a D365 docs page on this feature. (or send me a link to it)

3 thoughts on “D365 Hidden Sales order gem; copy from item list

  1. Hi,
    Thanks, I was not aware of that. On the other side, isn’t it better to use Subscription sales orders for recurring sales?


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