D365 eCommerce : Invalidate the cache

I often work in an WYSIWYG pattern, where I do a change, and then look at the change when working with D365 eCommerce. I’m changing products, attributes, categories, customer hierarchies, forms. One thing that had me irritated, is the extensive caching being done in D365 eCommerce, and you can read more about data action cache settings here. OOB some cache settings have a TTL(Time to Live) of 43200s (That is 12 hours). Also take into consideration that D365 Commerce Distribution jobs needs to be executed. So in worst case scenario’s you have to wait for some time to see some of the changes.

But here is a tip of what I do to speed things up. In sitebuilder, change the cache key suffix.

This invalidates the cache, and in most cases the site is updated.

But!!! It is not recommended to do this extensively in a production environment.

If you also have some additional information or tips, please share



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