E&E WMS extended with licensepalate

Yesterday we extended the system with a new storage dimension, called LicenseplateID.  This is a unique ID of a carton, that is barcodeded, can can be used anyware in the warehosue system both on put-away and on picking.  The ID is also used in the integration with the conveyor and miniload systems.  The process for extending the system to include a new dimension was quite easy.  Just search in the AOT of the Dynamics AX for the macro "inventdimdevelop", and all places that needed to be extended came up.  The hole process was done in under 3 hours.  Now the tricky part is starting, and that is to build all the funtionallity on to.  I included a small picture to the license plate.

One thought on “E&E WMS extended with licensepalate

  1. Will License Plating be available in the Standard DAX Inventory module(s) or is this a partner-specific modification. We are currently implementing DAX 2009 and when we get to the Warehouse portion of our implementation we will most likely be tasked with developing "license plating" for the system. Our current partner doesn\’t support it in their customization of DAX 2009.Any information would be helpful.Thanks,Scott


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