Gantt Scheduling of Input port

Here is one of the cool features we are woring on.  A gantt based schedulingtool for inbound logistics.  This is the process of directing trucks and containers to spesific input ports.  The user interface is simple and allows for moving the containers between ports and in time.  The gantt will also include a scheduling program, so that the user can recalculate the real ETA-date/time.  When moving a container in thime, the expected deliverydate for that shipment will update the rest of the system and the receive process will be visible for the user.


 There is a requirement to schedule the receive of containers. Each container can be placed at a specific input port, and is also allocated a timeslot for emptying the container. 

Each port as attached a working calender and a capacity . The capacity can be expressed in cartons/hour. 

In the gantt view, there must be possible to reschedule containers and also to move them between ports.

The scheculing engine must first allocate a container to a free port, and then find the apropriate timeslot for the container. As soon as the container has been given a port, the receive can start.    
When dobble clicking on a container, the container form must be brought up to front.   
At the botton the planned capacity must be shown, displaying number of cartons expected per hour.

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