D365 – To exist or not, that is the question!(part 2)

Some years ago I created a free community solution for “Not-Exists Join“. Not exists join means that we can filter and search on data that does not have any relational records. This answers questions like;

– Show me all customers that have no sales orders the last X days

– Show me all items with no inventory transaction. Show me items with no movement last 30 days.

– Show me all items that have no price.

Countless community friends have used this for AX 2012. But since Dynamics 365 was released this solution could not be applied. To make it properly I have decided to push a request through the CDE (Community Driven Engineering), and hopefully making it available to all D365 customers as part of the standard solution. All code is ready and checked-in , and I’m just waiting for Microsoft review.

The way the CDE works, is that partners and customer that have code or bugfixes can work together with Microsoft on implementing changes. It is Microsoft that have the final decision, and they will also make it part of their IP. But for all you community friends, here is a sneak peek of what I’m working on together with Microsoft.

The advanced filter and query in Dynamics 3656 are a very powerful tool. Here you can search and filter on most fields and add join relations to the query.

But there is one area that the advanced query screen is not handling. That is “not-exist-join”. Let’s say I want a list of all the customers that don’t have sales orders. The standard D365 will not help here. The purpose of this document is to show how to implement “not-exists-join” into standard.

Functional Solution

In the joins form, a new section of relations has been added that represents the tables that can be “not-exist-join” added:

In this sample the customers will no sales orders will be in the query result/form. But the feature are generic, and all 1:n relations can also be selected as a “Not exists” relation.

When will you have this in standard? Maybe 10.0.10?? It depends on Microsoft and final approval of the code and feature. But hopefully it should not be in the far future. But “cheer and share” and maybe we as the community can accelerate this very requested feature.

D365 community ROCK’s and Happy DAX’ing!!

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