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Greetings. I appreciate that you’ve helped create this worldwide blog community—as a consultant working from Norway, the blog lets me share more than 23 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics. Along the way, I developed solutions for PDA/RF, barcoding, master data synchronization, kitting and solutions for the warehouse management & distribution industry. More recently, I have worked with the Dynamics 365 release. My blog focuses on my deepest interests and expertise: along with a 365 degree view of warehouse management topics, I welcome opportunities to dive into retail and intercompany supply chain automation, logistics, and production—everything that is moving around in a truly connected enterprise.

As executive consultant for Dynamics 365, Kurt specializes in strategic development and planning for corporate vertical solutions and works to build international networks that increase knowledge and understanding for solutions. As an advocate for both providers and customers, Kurt is committed to meeting customers’ changing needs , and sees blogging and communities as key to increasing expertise.

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  1. Hi Kurt,
    Regarding D365: BarTender and label integration using REST API blog. Curious to know about D365 Screen 1: Label Types design. How are you retrieving name data source list based Main table identifier or a source class selection value.


    • It’s fetched from a query associated with the label type.
      void initializeNamedDataSourcesFromTable()
      lblTypeValue lblTypeValue;
      sysDictTable dictTable;
      FieldID fieldId;
      SysDictField dictField;

      if (!this.SourceTableId || this.SourceClassId)

      delete_from lblTypeValue
      where lblTypeValue.TypeId == this.TypeId
      && lblTypeValue.ValueType == lblValueType::Field;

      dictTable = new sysDictTable(this.SourceTableId);
      fieldId = dictTable.fieldnext(0);

      dictField = dictTable.fieldObject(fieldId);

      if (!dictField.isSystem() &&
      dictField.visible() &&
      dictField.saveContents() &&
      (dictField.baseType() != Types::Container) &&
      (dictField.name() != fieldStr(Common, SequenceNum)) &&
      (dictField.name() != fieldStr(Common, TableId)) &&
      (dictField.baseType() != Types::VarString) &&
      select firstonly forupdate lblTypeValue
      where lblTypeValue.TypeId == this.TypeId
      && lblTypeValue.ValueType == lblValueType::Field
      && lblTypeValue.NamedDataSourceId == strFmt(‘%1’,dictField.name());

      lblTypeValue.TypeId = this.TypeId;
      lblTypeValue.NamedDataSourceId = strFmt(‘%1’,dictField.name());
      lblTypeValue.ValueType = lblValueType::Field;
      lblTypeValue.SourceTableId = this.SourceTableId;
      lblTypeValue.SourceTableName = dictTable.label();
      lblTypeValue.SourceFieldId = dictField.id();
      lblTypeValue.SourceFieldName = dictField.label();
      lblTypeValue.Description = dictField.help();
      fieldId = dictTable.fieldNext(fieldId);
      throw error(“@LBL:CannotInsertNamedDataSourceFromLabelType”);


  2. We implement Dynamic F&O only . A bit disappointed that it seems unable to allocate charges across companies . F&O can only allocate within same company across finance dimension . Do you have any workaround to allow allocation across companies which are quite common ?


  3. Hi Kurt – We are in the process of implementing D365 F&O and SCM by sometimes next year.
    I would like to ask for your guidance on data migration strategy.
    Currently we are on Oracle EBS R12.1.3 onpremise ERP system. We have a need to migrate 3 years of data from EBS into D365. This is confirmed and validated ask that they need it and we need to accomplish. We have Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Payables Invoices, Payaments etc, entities. On SCM / Receivables side, we have sales orders, AR invoices, AR payments/adjustments/write off etc. transactional data. And of course GL data.
    What is the process to migrate these entities in D365 for the past 3 years of data?

    Any guidance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Ketan. My suggestion would be to just dump all history into Datalake, and then make it available for reporting in PowerBI. Then you have access to all the information. Trying to merge it into F&O is not a good idea 🙂 Good luck 🙂


  4. Working on D365 Commerce implementation. Would it be possible to get short term contract help from you. We need to get up to speed quickly.


    • Hi RSK18. Are you thinking about a implementation model ? There are several, and Microsoft also have one that can be inspired from. Google dynamics-365-case-study-pt-1 and you should see one that I admire


  5. Regarding the Batch jobs – take control of the executions:
    Many thanks, Kurt – great work and I really appreciate it!
    I just tried to set up the A206 Source document line processing job – it’s not auto-generated by D365FO. The class (SourceDocumentLineProcessingController) is not in the lookup and I got a warning message that it has not been designed to work in batch mode. I asked a developer to look at it, he said there’s a comment in the code – This feature is getting deprecated so any use of this feature will be not supported.
    A207 is affected too.


  6. Hello Kurt,

    unfortunately the comments in the article itself are closed, so I’m posting this here. This concerns your article “Dynamics AX 2012 R3- To exist or not, that is the question!” (https://kurthatlevik.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/dynamics-ax-2012-r3-to-exist-or-not-that-is-the-question/).

    After hotfix KB 3028277, this customization does not work anymore, because Microsoft made some changes in this hotfix in class SysQueryBuilder, method findRelations. To make it work again, you would have to replace all instances of xRefTableRelation.decoratedRelationName() in that method with xRefTableRelation.RelationName.

    The hotfix is included in CU 11, maybe you could update your article?

    Best regards



  7. Hi Kurt,
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This is RBC, a trading company dedicated in exporting wide range RFID products, including card, tag, wristband, label, reader, etc.

    Our best advantage is not our price, but our honesty. We never try to cheat or fool our customer, as we not lie to our customer that we are a manufacturer.
    Of course, the price, quality, and lead time is very important, our company cooperated with many top RFID manufacturer, we got confidence that we could deliver you good products with nice price.

    If you get any requirements on RFID products, pls let us know, we will offer quotation to you asap.

    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,


  8. Hi Kurt,
    Do you know if AX 2009 Retail POS supports to sell batch number controlled items? will it prompt to ask user to input batch number when selling/returning a batch controlled item in POS?


  9. Hi Kurt

    Looks like your kitting solution is still in demand. I know AX now has retail kits but I don’t see a way to explode the components on the SO for picking. Std BOMs almost gets your there… Is your solution still offered or was a std process introduced into AX I am unaware of.



  10. Dear Kurt,
    I am working on AX 2012 R3 integration with third party warehouse project. We are at the early stages of the project and I am working on the concept. One of the ideas is to perform MRP, Min-Max, SO and PO on AX and the rest of WMS processes leave to ISV as well as Demand planning.
    Your advice on the points of concerns and how to avoid schoolboy errors in this project would be highly appreciated.


  11. Hi Kurt, what is the reason that the kitting solution is no longer available? We have a scenario in one of our ongoing projects (AX2012 R3) where we could perhaps use this solution. Thanks in advance.


  12. Hello Kurt – I think your blog is absolutely an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to learn about AX. I am struggling to understand license plate numbers and their full functionalities within AX. I was hoping that you could provide with me either a link to a resource or explain to me yourself all the ways in which they can be leveraged. There is not much information available to look at. Thanks.


  13. Where would you recommend someone start if they want to learn and eventually become certified in Dynamics AX? (for someone that does not have experience in this field)

    Thank you


    • Hi Rey. The best thing is to get into an implementation AX Project. This will accellerate the learning process. And remember Happy DAX’ing


  14. Hi Kurt

    Greetings from Denmark. I have been told you could be the to-go guy with an issue I am facing. And i was wondering whether you have any experience in this issue or could point me in the right direction.

    The example is how to configure an intercompany from AX2012 R3 to R2, e.g. by using AIF schemes? More specifically – can a PO in AX2012 R3 (company 1) create a SO in AX2012 R2 (company 2) by using AIF schemes, and are there any particular challenges in setting this up?

    I know about inbound and outbound ports, but it is more specifically how to change the XML file so that the AIF creates a new sales order in R2 based on the purchase order made in R3.

    Thanks for the blogging.

    Best Michael


  15. Hi Kurt,

    I hope you are doing well!!

    actually i have just started my new project which is on AX 2012 R3 retail.

    And client wants to do all PO process through PDT tool,and they want some customized form for that.so basically as starter i want some document or info to start developing normal PDT tool forms.

    it would be great help,if you share any document regarding this.

    thank you so much in advance for your time.
    Swapnil Chaudhariu


  16. Hi Kurt,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the warehouse systems. I have learned a lot from your site.

    I would appreciate if you could give an idea of warehouses in places like Japan and Hong Kong with detailed information that you have provided previously in 2011.

    Thank you again


  17. Hi Kurt.
    Often used your blog to seek information.
    Have you any knowledge and information regarding the functions of the new WAX system in AX 2012 R3?
    There is not much except predictions and guesses on the internet.
    One of the things I have been looking for is actual difference in function between Core WAX and Advanced WAX.

    Keep blogging.
    B. Hansson


    • Thanks. There will be much to come on AX 2012 R3, and many of the tools I have described is already in the process of being upgraded. But much of the information I have is currently under NDA, and cannot be shared. Microsoft have some programs that you can apply to, to get CTP (Community Technical Preview’s). Come back in some time, and I will let you my evaluation of this release.


  18. Hi Kurt
    We would be interested in the your labelling solution. Can you maybe send some information or contact details on how we can learn more?
    Eddie Josling


    • Hi Eddie. I have sent you a separate email With all you need of information. If you don’t receive it today, please contact me again, and I’ll send it using WeTransfer. The files is 7mb in total. Happy DAXing 🙂


  19. Hi Kurt,

    Could you please send me the document describing your kitting solution/customisation.
    BTW your blogs are great.
    Thank you,


  20. I have been given a project to develop a international standard multi storied ware house on a land parcel of 30 acres in Hyderabad,India 10 Kms for international airport. I would like to know the websites wher I can get all type of information on these ware houses. Are you aware any internation standard multi storied in India. (german technology). Please advise and guide me.
    email details to mehulbpatel@hotmail.com


  21. Hi Kurt

    Currently i’m facing any issue with below scanrio, coudl you please adive me on this.

    Any suggestion on below scenario:

    Let’s take a discrete manufacturing firm produces a Finished Goods product in 3 stages like (Fabrication, Module Assembly, and Final Assembly). Hence physically the production plant is divided into 3 WIP warehouses as the Fab-WIP, MA-WIP, FA-WIP and One Main Warehouse, One Quarantine and one Transit warehouse.
    According to the above requirement configured master planning. Main Warehouse refilling to 3 WIP warehouses. There are some raw materials are used in multiple WIP warehouses. Master planning works very well according to the setup and it suggests material planning and capacity planning.
    The issue I come across, for instance XYZ raw material item demand in Fab-WIP of 3 Pcs. In MA-WIP XYZ the same item free stock exist of 10 pcs. When I run Master Planning system suggests fulfilling demand by creating a planned purchase order to Main warehouse and a planned transfer order created MW to FAB-WIP, refilling demand in the Fab – WIP warehouse. Master plan does not consider same item free stock in MA-WIP. I understand based on warehouse refilling setup it works accordingly. There is no functionality to consider any free stock in other WIP warehouses. I tried a couple ways to map this process by changing storage dimension coverage by site only or Coverage by Site and Warehouse etc.., But there is no solution map right way.
    Could you please suggest according to the above requirement the above mapping is valid. Please advise me if any suggested right solution based on above requirement.


  22. Hello Kurt,
    Could you also send me the kitting documentation?
    I’m also interested in the PDA solutions that you described in your blog…

    Kind regards,

    Jan Meijering


  23. Hi Kurt,

    We like to know more about this ‘customization’. We are currently investigating the different solutions for kitting for an actual customer case (in fact an upgrade).

    Best regards,

    Jan Jaap Smit


  24. Hi,

    thanks for your soon reply.
    i will keep this in mind as its a very helpful solution, and i guess it should a standard solution in ax, otherwise what is the phantom standard functionality in AX?

    Fadi Ghrawi


  25. Hi Kurt,

    So basicly the kitting soultion is your own and you have developed it, it’s not a standered function in AX 2012 right?
    Because the phantom button is available in AX in the References tab page, but it didn’t do anything in the system functionality, nothing changed in the sales order line or anything.

    could you please clarify more on the solution?

    Fadi ghrawi


    • Hi Fadi.

      Yes, the kitting solution is not std. AX. It is a customization that has been built for a set of customers. We are not sure if we should make a Product of it, since it has a large footprint into std. AX. So for now, it is delivered as a customization to selected customers. Delivered as a customization means that we will not automatically deliver software updates for new Versions and Cumulative updates for free. I have sent you a Word document describing the Kitting-solution.


  26. Hello Kurt,
    I was looking for a solution and came across your blog. We are implementing AX 2012 at a new customer. They have separate business units that sell different items to different customers.
    I have created Operating Units, how can I now link items, customers, employees, etc to a specific Operating Unit?



    • Hi Antoinette.
      In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you can define two types of organizations:
      • Legal entities
      • Operating units.

      Legal Entities
      A legal entity is an organization that is identified through a registration with a legal authority. Legal entities can enter into contracts and are required to prepare statements that report on their performance. A company is a type of legal entity. Companies are the only type of legal entity that you can create in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Every legal entity record is associated with a company ID. This is because the data security for many tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX is still based on company ID.

      Operating Units
      An operating unit is an organization that is used to divide the control of economic resources and operational processes in a business. People in an operating unit have a duty to maximize the use of scarce resources, to improve processes, and to account for their performance.

      In Microsoft Dynamics AX, operating unit types include cost center, business unit, value stream, and department. For more information about each operating unit type, refer to the table:
      Operating Unit Type Description
      Costs center an operating unit whose managers are accountable for budgeted and actual expenditures.
      Business unit A semi-autonomous operating unit that is created to meet strategic business objectives.
      Value streams an operating unit that controls one or more production flows.
      Department An operating unit that represents a category or functional part of an organization that performs a specific task, such as sales or accounting.

      Correct my if I’m wrong, but what I think you are looking for is to use legal entities, and not Operating Unit, because then each part can have separate items, customers employees etc, and then later link it all into a Consolidated ledger.

      Happy Daxing.


  27. Hi Kurt,

    Introduce its me, Setiaji Kurniawan, from Indonesia. This weekend, i come to your blog from searching in google. Thanks for your share here. Anyway, i would like ask you for permission that i will reguler read your blogs from automatic way from wordpress. In ‘Blog i follow’ tab in my dashboard. Your blogs help me a lot in research for my daily job as a Axapta developer. Great thanks..


  28. Hello Kurt,
    I was looking for a solution and came across your blog, I was recently given task of implementing barcode scanning integration into dynamics ax ( Used for requirements like picking items in salesline in SO by scanning the barcode on the item instead of regular keyboard input ). I was able to generate the barcode on the reports using the barcode code class.

    Now, could you please provide me the name of the barcode scanning device supported by AX ? Please help by providing this information.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kaushik kumar


    • Hi Kaushik. In the projects that I have been working on, we have used the WM&D software for this purpose. In this software the device is not relevant, because the scanning of barcodes is just receiving the characters like a ordinary keyboard. To use can use any device regardless of branding. Som of my custoemrs uses handheld devices like Motorola MC 75 or barcode reading devices that is just attached to the keyboard port.

      I recommend you to contact To-Increase to check out the WM&D. That could save you for a lot of time.


      • Hi Kurt,
        Thanks for replying me back in a short period. I am looking into the product you have suggested. Our client is expecting more of a barcode scanner which is low end and cost effective. Please let me know if their is any device model which is both moderateand cost effective.



  29. Hello Kurt,

    I am a budding Axapta 2009 Trade and Logistics consultant. I happened to chance upon your blog many times when googling for help when faced with any challenges. I couldnt help notice that most of my searches would end up at your blog, which I must say is very informative and useful.

    Of particlar interest to me is the To Increase advanced WMD module which I will be shortly implementing.

    Also I would like to chart out a career in the vibrant Supply Chain arena which I find challenging and intruiging !!

    Supply chain management is kicking off in a big way in India ( where I am from and work out of ) just now and the help that I can look out for at my work place is limited.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to mentor me about the different facets of supply chain generically as well as in reference to AX to hone my domain competencies.

    I promise I will not take up too much of your time and energy !!

    Looking forward to your response.



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