D365 – This blogpost is not written by ChatGPT

I have played with ChatGPT, and when looking through social media, blogpost and videos, it seems we have now entered the early ages of AI and we can ask ChatGPT to generate almost anything we are asking for. I have started to start ask myself philosophical questions and what will be replaced by these systems. There seems to be no limitations, and the entire community is in the “hype”. We get the feeling that ‘This would change everything’.

But, when I do a deeper reflection and get a deeper understanding of what this could bring, I see that we are still in the very early stages. My impression is that there will take long time before we see drastic changes to the Dynamics 365 community and ecosystem.

  • We will still go to work.
  • Customer will continue to purchase our services.
  • Competence and experience are not easily replaced.

In short; the hype is here, and keep in mind that we have had chatbots since the 1966, and the first was Eliza. Through the 90’s there was also countless others that made us think that ‘the future is here’. Also there are also alternatives like Chatsonic and the google LaMDA that is trying to do the same.

After playing around, I see is:

  • Facts are very often just wrong. I would say the correctness to be like a highschooler with a ‘B-‘ grade.
  • There is no accountability.
  • Missing references to the results.
  • There is a lot of text-predictions, but there is limited creativity.

It is fantastic fun to play around with, and I will use it going forward. This most significant change is that there will be a few new billionaires in the industry. But ChatGPT will not ‘Change everything’ currently, and I hope this blogpost will age well the next 5-10 years.

PS! I asked ChatGPT to grade this blog post, and it gave me a B

2 thoughts on “D365 – This blogpost is not written by ChatGPT

  1. Dear Kurt,

    I completely agree with your thoughts. I have been utilizing ChatGPT as a tool for verification and as a reminder for certain functionality or related fields in the system.

    Thank you for sharing your informative blog.

    Best regards,


  2. The BOT clearly understood the post was about it and gave you a B even though the post deserved an A.

    I tried to use Chat GPT to create some articles on Dynamics 365 features. The explanations looked very legit that anyone new to Dynamics would think them to be true. They were completely wrong. As you said, technology is far from replacing consultants like us. But someday, it will be there.


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