D365 B2B eCommerce, Things have changed (again)

Me and my colleagues have had the privilege the last few weeks to go really deep into the D365 offering, in terms of capabilities, pricing and roadmap. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the pricing of eCommerce. As this have changed per 1. April, I have removed this post. I recommend that partners find the session that Microsoft had last night, called “Dynamics 365 Commerce e-Commerce Licensing Changes (DYN963PAL)“. It gives some new insight where Microsoft brings a better pricing differentiation, and the pricing can better meet price points in the low-end pricing marked.

But the key headlines are that Microsoft are now capable of offering license cost per sales in the range of 0,36$-0,85$ for the low-end market (sales order value <50$). And that is a significant price reduction! I suggest you check out the pricing when it becomes available on 1. April. (Without any jokes )

In some meetings I attended I also learned that a significant number of B2B customers are in implementation already(including us). I do believe that the D365 eCommerce B2B brings some very nice offerings, and it is in this domain that I think we will see a lot of customer onboarding to D365 eCommerce.

Take care my friends, and I’ll keep you posted on more to learn.

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