How to learn and try out Dynamics 365 Commerce?

The Dynamics 365 Commerce team at Microsoft have created a great trial site where you can try out all their good stuff and get some guided walk through of their capabilities. Please check it out:

Here is your to-do list of what you should explore:

  1. B2C experience
  2. Product discovery and cloud powered search
  3. Curb-side pickup
  4. Intelligent recommendations
  5. Ratings and reviews
  6. Quick add to cart
  7. Customer Service
  8. Customer Voice
  9. 3D product visualization and augmented reality (The 3D surf board)
  10. Livestream shopping
  11. Try Adventure Works mobile app


  1. B2B experience
  2. Sign up to be a business partner
  3. Quick order entry using templates
  4. View account credit information

This site is also great for preparation to the MB-340 Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant Certification, and if you click on the link you can get some more information.

Take care friends

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