E&E WMS a new vertical solution is born

My current project is to specify a new large vertical for high end distribution enterprises. This is typical companies that have a high volume of transactions, have a set of own stores and also deliveries to consumer customers. As the design and development goes forward, I will try to give an insight of how we are working and what we are doing. Also try to give some ideas of the functionality in the solution. We have delivered many solutions for WMS handling in Columbus, and it’s now time to combine all the god solutions into one major solution. We already have customers waiting for this module, so

The WMS E&E is divided into sub-modules and this document is focusing in the inbound logistics.

01. Shipping Hubs and Yard management

E&E-WMS Shipping Hubs and YARD Management must give visibility beyond the four walls of the warehouse by providing yard and dock door management capabilities. This solution must handle all the shipping and receiving requirements by creating plans and managing inventory in the yard. Yard Management schedules appointments and tracks container and trailer position and status. It tracks task completion information so you can perform inquiries, run reports and review real-time information. Your carriers and suppliers can also self-schedule appointments or requests through electronic data interchange (ASN EDI 856 )—allowing you to turn loads more quickly and efficiently. At the dock door, Yard Management manages the timely arrival of loads and ensures that trailers unload at the right dock door at the right time. Through guard check-in and check-out procedures, you benefit from the efficient scheduling and management of appointments to reduce load and unload wait times—and reduce the risk of violating Hours of Service regulations.

Yard Management

  • Manages goods in the yard in real time through a graphical display
  • Plans and executes loads
  • Track and manage arriving containers
  • Allows carrier self-scheduling via electronic data interchange (EDI) , or manually planning according to ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice)(Subject to change or future implementation)
  • Increases visibility into inbound and outbound loads
  • Provides guard check-in and check-out functionality to maintain security and reduce unnecessary wait times.
  • Route purchase orders to be delivered to a active shipping hub at the selected date.


02. Receiving station

The Receiving system in this solution is divided into 3 handling systems, to support different receive strategies.

  • Container receive
  • Purchase receive
  • Purchaseline receive (Future)


The Dynamics AX Receiving Station is based on handling both containers and purchase orders. The receiving process can be done with both on screen (touch-screens), RF and paper. The Dynamics AX Receiving Station is also handling quality control on items and the labeling of serial/batch, items, cartons and pallets. The receiving module is also supporting integration to conveyor systems and automatic labeling systems. The receiving module can import carton weights and dimension from the integration. Each carton can be identified with a license plate, and be automatically labeled. The receiving also support a simplified external pallet warehouse. This can be used, when the warehouse capacity has been extended, and there is a need to utilize external warehouses. The system will allow for external receiving, and the system will also order pallet shipments from external warehouse to the main warehouses. The receiving module is directly integrated to the master planning, to secure the available to promise. The received items can also be placed under quarantine for customs and quality reasons.

This type of receiving is typically possible when there is a close relation between the shipment and the contents of the shipment. The receive system can then be set up for a more automated receive. The shipment consists mainly of similar cartons, and the receive if done by scanning EAN-barcodes. Typical industries are retail warehouses and distribution centers. Volume is high, and quality-control is done upfront or is limited. Item value is low.

03. Quality controll, recording

The quality control system is a comprehensive set of solutions, that allows the user to record, take action and report any issues related to product quality. The quality control system is linked into the entire supply chain, and can record deviations in purchase, receive, logistics and from sales.

04. Customer returns

The solution of customer returns is the process of handling both the logistical and financial aspect of returns. The items return must go through a cartonization process.

05. BarCode printing and Scanning

Most of the functional requirements regarding barcode scanning are integrated into the different modules as a way of input to the system. But for printing there will be built a separate module for handling labels. The main system for designing and printing labels is the BarTender system.( http://www.seagullscientific.com )

For labeling system there must be built a common system for producing labels. All labels generated in the system must go through this structure for being printed. The advanced structure is created for supporting different printer types in an enterprise. This structure will enable a system for extending several printers as the demand arises. Also a data structure for archiving printed labels is needed. Often the processes for creating the data related to labels can be time-consuming, and often the timeframe for printing a label is very small. A label archive will also enable the possibility to reprint labels if needed.

3 thoughts on “E&E WMS a new vertical solution is born

  1. It is good to see that someone is reading my blog.  Yes, I know about the Sunrise solution, and we whish you good luck with that solution.  This project is primarly customer driven, and will be built with some new technology of how inventory transaction, inventory costing and inventory closing will be handled.  More regarding this will come later.


  2. This is actually already been developed and on the market from Surnise Technologies, Inc. Check out: http://www.sunriseconsult.com. The direct links are [Advanced Warehouse Management]: http://www.sunriseconsult.com/eprise/main/SiteGen/Sunrise_Consult/Content/AX_Add_Ons/Advanced_Warehouse.html
    And for BarTender Integration to Dynamics AX as part of this or seperate: http://www.sunriseconsult.com/Sunrise/AX_Add_Ons/BarTender_Integration.html
    We also integrated StarShip Parcel Shipping shipment and you can find out more here: http://www.sunriseconsult.com/Sunrise/AX_Add_Ons/StarShip_Integration.html
    You can also keep up to date with such things here: http://dynamics-ax.blogspot.com
    So I just wanted to point this out. The thing we don\’t cover is Yard Management….


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