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AX2012 has come with many new improved features. One of my favorites are the ability to create Computed View Columns. In a project we have created a form, where the datasource is a Table view, and it does have some nice use of the Computed View Columns feature. But we then face an issue. The table is “read-only” as expected, but we wanted to create a EDIT-method on the form datasource to make some adjustments. The edit method will not do changes to the datasource, but will change some other data. But as you may know, Edit methods let’s you get the record from the form datasource. The issue is that regardless of what we try, the EDIT method/field becomes “read-only”, and we cannot make the field editable.

Regardless of how we try to adjust the fields properties on the field it will not be editable as long as the grid data source is a table view.

Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “A technical question to the AX 2012-Community

  1. Yes, a grid with a view as its data source will be read only.

    Since you must be using the edit method to update data somewhere based on the data in the view, there is probably a related table you can add to the form, joined to the view.

    in this case you can add an edit method to this data source or at the element level.


  2. Thank you both for your suggestions, but Table views are acting a bit different than expected. I have created a Microsoft Support case on it. It is not high priority and there are ways around it, but the ability to have edit methods assosiated to view’s would reduce the complexity of what we are created. I keep looking for answers………


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