WMS and voice pick with Google Glasses (Sci-Fi)

With the WMS and voice pick for Google Glasses you can revolutionize your supply chain and warehouse processes. Google glasses will

  • You will have both hands free
  • Directly connected to your ERP system
  • Support real time transactions like receiving, picking, counting and shipping
  • Guide the warehouse worker in all the processes both by voice and by visual graphics
  • Voice pick, scan barcodes using the built-in camera or use Bluetooth connected barcode scanner
  • Connect directly with vendors and customers when working with issues or questions

The only problem is that such a solution does not exist. The google glasses are still in the experimental phase, and it will still be a while before it is available as a commercial consumer product. But Google Glasses has been opened for commercial actors to create such applications and possibilities.

Who have the willingness and the resources to create such a solution ?

4 thoughts on “WMS and voice pick with Google Glasses (Sci-Fi)

  1. Hey Kurt,
    I am in charge of our R&D team here at RF-SMART (www.rfsmart.com) and we are looking into this as well. We have our Google Glass and our best developers starting to play around with them. I personally think we are well situated to bring a compelling offer to market πŸ˜‰


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