New Dynamics AX – Pimp up your form-letters with document branding

The New Dynamics AX never stops to surprise me, and every day I find new possibilities and solutions. Microsoft have made available a new set of form letters, like purchase order, sales confirmation, invoice etc, and installing them is optional. What is new is that they are much nice and modern, but they are missing country specific requirements. Microsoft is calling them “Modern reports”, and you can read about them here.

But the main topic of this blog is about how to pimp-up your form letters, with document branding. The following report is the Purchase order in modern design, and where I have added a logo and some colors.

The menu item for controlling this is found under Organization à Setup à Document branding

We have the following menu items;

Document brands, is just the identifier, like company ID etc.

Document images is a container for logoes etc,

The Brand details is where we can override per formletter and design, and select colors, and override addresses and contact information.


I expect Microsoft have much more coming, so stay tuned J

9 thoughts on “New Dynamics AX – Pimp up your form-letters with document branding

  1. Hi Kurt;
    I think we not have installed the modern reports, could you post a step by step about how to do it please?

    Thanks in advanced and greetings from Mexico.



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  3. Hi Kurt

    This is the second time I’ve heard of this. But Microsoft says that since the VM’s are paid for on an annual basis this won’t reduce costs. Is MSoft wrong, or did they change the pricing model since this was written so that this no longer works.



  4. Hi Kurt, Good Stuff.

    Although i can’t get these working by following your instructions… Am i missing something?
    I tried document branding on report name: sales invoice and report design name: Report. Tried printing invoice and got the old invoice.


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