Dynamics 365 Branding and Commerce (Preview) Firsthand experience

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As I hope you have seen in your never-ending twitter/news feed is that Microsoft again adding lot’s of new apps and features to Dynamics 365. Microsoft are delivering on the communicated vision of Dynamics 365. We now have apps where we have a holistic approach to business processes. To solve business requirements users will be using a combination of apps that works natively together. We see how the entire solution is being connected, and further split up into specific areas. In the old days when we had large ERP suites, and we sold functional modules. We are now implementing connected apps that enable business processes per user. If anyone wonder what the “new” hashtag is, it is easy: “#MSDyn365“, and get used to it. We no longer a need to put things into additional silo’s to explain the legacy, and to succeed we must embrace and deliver the right combination of apps that solves the business requirements per business process.

One of the most exiting news in the current wave 2 release is the delivery of Dynamics 365 Commerce(preview). I have been privileged to validate and try of this solution the last days. My current experience is that: This Rock’s! Microsoft finally can deliver a complete suite to give a true omnichannel experience. One interesting finding is that Microsoft will rebrand their “Dynamics 365 for Retail” offering to “Dynamics 365 Commerce”. Why? Because what is now being offered extends the binderies of the traditional retail solutions. As seen in the following figure you can get a complete integrated end-to-end system. And this is not just for retailers, but for all companies that want to digitalize their processes and offer true omnichannel can benefit of this.

1 : Picture from Microsoft presentations

To try out this new solution, you can request a preview. You ask for a preview here. When/if accepted you will receive an email from Microsoft containing instruction on how to deploy this preview. This guide is also available her and it is important that the guide is followed very carefully. To complete the guide, you need to get some assistance from you Azure AD tenant administrator. Also, the preview is currently only deployable to US Azure datacenters, and this put’s some latency into the commerce experience.

One interesting thing with the commerce, is that even though this is a tier-1 environment, you get the possibility to deploy RCSU and the e-Commerce Server. The data set is basically standard Dynamics 365 for Retail, where the configuration key for retail essential enabled. So we can showcase that the Dynamics 365 Commerce also can be delivered as a standalone app or be extended with the finance and supply chain management apps.

The preview commerce solution is what you expect an e-commerce solution to be:

The back-end editor for the editor is easy to use, and it is easy configure your

To get a full understanding of the solution also head over to Microsoft DOC’s to learn more : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/commerce/

But I’ll do something better for you; You can check-out the preview solution yourself right now: https://d365commerceus2ecom-eval.commerce.dynamics.com/DXCCommerce (I expect that the site will be available for a only few days, so hurry)

If you want to buy something use Card number: 4111-1111-1111-1111, Expiration: 10/20, CVV: 737 . Also remember that this is a US-based Azure Datacenter and NOT a production grade scaled system.

Happy DAXing and DXCuLater!

One thought on “Dynamics 365 Branding and Commerce (Preview) Firsthand experience

  1. This is great news! I’m excited to see what Microsoft has in store with this new release. I’m hoping they will continue improving the existing functionality and add new features that will make this an even more powerful tool for businesses.


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