Dynamics AX 2012 SCM: Micro improvements #4

Here the other day I came over a functional change in AX 2012 compared to AX 2009 and earlier versions. It is related to the “Deliver Now” field on the sales lines and on the line quantity form.

In earlier releases we could use this field to reverse a packing slip or to credit an invoice. This is no longer an option. The reason is to make sure that you reverse the right transactions with the right dimensions. Also in AX 2009 it was possible to reverse a packing slip that had already been invoice, and completely messing up the transactions with no way to correct it up. With this new restriction in AX 2012 that problem is gone.

Now you must either use the “credit note” or the copy features to reverse the transactions.

Microsoft has also given us the “Correct” and “Cancel” feature on the packing slip journal and invoice journal.

Personally I first though this was a bug introduced in AX 2012, But I now realized that it actually was a good new feature J.

Happy DAX’ing !


3 thoughts on “Dynamics AX 2012 SCM: Micro improvements #4

  1. Is there a way to reverse packing slip of kit-lines in AX2009? or the only solution is to return the order and credit note?. Thanks and Best Regards


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