D365F&O, Lots of new high value content on DOC’s

The Microsoft Dynamics team have been quite buzzy after the vacation producing a lot of valuable content to Dynamics 365. I would like to highlight some of the latest additions that is worth checking out and to share in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Just this year alone, 714 articles have been published, and just the last 2 months close to 300 articles are made available. With this amount of information, I do get questions if there are some hidden gems on docs. And here some of them are:

1. Learning catalog

There are now more tailored learning paths towards customers and partners, with references to free, self-paced online learning path, Tech-talks, and formal instructor-led training. Here you will find articles, videos, and all you need to start learning Dynamics 365.

2. Test recorder and Regression suite automation tool for Retail Cloud POS

Now we can start creating regression testing on Retail POS. Cool stuff, and in my mind where we actual see the true value of regression testing. Retail is Detail, and this delivers quality.

3. Master planning setup wizard

Setting up master planning involves taking many decisions and here you can read how this is done in 10.0.5.

4. One Version service updates FAQ

This page answers a lot of question on the One Version strategy, and what this means for you. At many customers I see that extensive, time-consuming and costly testing processes are being manually executed each time Microsoft is releasing a new monthly updated. Why? I do not see the need to perform full testing on all modules on a monthly basis. Yes, it is a fact that nobody releases flawless code. (Even not Microsoft), but if you follow the procedures and guidelines from Microsoft, the monthly updates should be safe to deploy. There are several release rings and programs in place ensuing that quality is in place at GA. (General Available). Please align to the release cadence updates, and focus on your essential core processes. If you find painful bugs, report them asap.

5. Environment planning

I have seen several projects where the focus is to save costs on implementation environments. This page explains a lot on Microsoft’s take on this. My simple advice is use Tier-1/One box for development on a cloud hosted CSP subscription, and the rest of the environments as Tier-2 or higher (my recommendation is to have 2 additional Tier-2 environments for larger projects). The benefit to use self-service processes is priceless. Also keep in mind that Azure costs are very cheep compared to consultancy hours trying to maintain and manually transfer databases between environments. Also take a look at the great Denis Trunin’s blogpost on development VM’s performance.

6. Business events overview

This is the future and start adopting this feature into your business processes. This is also a key enabler for working closer with the Dynamics Power platform.

7. Regulatory updates

Here you find localized information for your country, and how to comply to specific local requirements. This is being updated very often.

8. Unified product experience

Do you want to keep the products from D365F&O synced with D365Sales ? This article explains how to achieve a near real time bi-directional integration with CDS. Great stuff also explaining dual write capabilities.

9. Adyen payment processing with omnichannel experience

Payment connector is far more versatile than just for retail. Also check out the FAQ.

10. Asset management

Great stuff on the horizon. Keep track of your stuff

11. Franchising

No longer in the official 2019 Wave 2 release. So, we must keep waiting for this in the future.


Take care, and

DXC you later



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